Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NEPAL!!! November 17-28

Our next JSMI Global Ventures mission trip will be to Nepal in November. It is only by God's supernatural provision that we are able to go. Coming off of the summer missions, we decided that we would probably have to sit Nepal out because of financial reasons. Each trip cost about $2800 per person, for a married couple that is $5600 per trip! This brings our total needed funds for 2010 around $20,000. So, we prayed about it and left it in God's hands. We said "God if you want us to go to Nepal, you are going to have to make the way." And He did just that, the day the ministry was booking tickets, God supernaturally brought in $4000 for us to be able to pay for our plane tickets! He is faithful and true! Now we only have to raise $1800 more and our trip will be paid in full! WooooHoooo! Every time God makes a way for us I feel like kicking myself for ever doubting or worrying about how or where the money will come from. Because I know that we are in the will of God, and as long as we are doing what He has called us to do, He will make the way and provide. Are there days when I want to give up and throw up my hands and walk away because it gets tough? Yes, I would be lying if I said otherwise, but in those times I just have to quiet myself and listen to His holy spirit. As each day passes confirmation after confirmation lets me know that this is the very thing we were made for!!!!! Thank you Lord, for you are my provider.


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