Friday, December 19, 2008

Blake is home!!

My little brother Blake is home from Oklahoma for Christmas and I could not be happier!!! We have missed him so much. He will be home until we move out to Oklahoma on the 3rd.
I guess you all should know that we have finally sold the house! We are scheduled to close on Monday night, so everyone pray that everything goes smoothly. They want to move in the day after Christmas, so that means we have to be out by Wednesday! Ahhhh, so hectic!
I am also DONE with school and I am now officially a graduate!! I am so happy about that, I can actually feel the stress leave me! I think I will finally feel at ease after the holidays and when we are settled in Tulsa. So much to be excited about I cant express how I feel. Just to let everyone know, never doubt GOD, he will ALWAYS take care of you and keep his promises.

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