Friday, February 6, 2009

All settled in!

I finally have my computer and internet up and running so hopefully I will be able to start blogging more often. First of all, let me say that we really love it here in Tulsa. We know that this is the place God wants us. Everything is going great with JSMI (the ministry we're working with) with many things on the horizion. We couldnt be more excited about the things that God is doing in our lives. The weather is so crazy out here, last week we had a pretty good ice storm and this week it is in the 70s. Not only the temperature change, but the wind is really strong most of the time. I guess because it is so very flat here, that the wind just moves right through!! I need a hairdo that works good with the messy look! haha! Anyway I have posted some pics I took of the surrounding area as well as some from the ice storm. Enjoy!

This is actually ice around each blade of grass!

Trees covered in ice! Beautiful!!

Me and my Hubby!